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Web application development

Sometimes clients ask for things that are a little off the beaten path and in such cases we have to come up with solutions to problems we didn’t know exist. The clock above is one of those cases where we had to draw the artwork and “get it going” with some java script and HTML.

WordPress speed and optimisation tuning

While there are a host of hosting providers out there, we prefer to use Siteground for their unmatched hosting features, scalability and value for money. 

With unlimited MySQL databases, email accounts and fast servers, what is there not to like? 

Responsive web design

Websites nowadays HAVE to be responsive and look good on mobile and tablet screens as well as desktops and we can help get your site looking great again. Paired with a decent hosting service and you’ll end up with a secure and fast website. 

WordPress management

Looking after a WordPress website can be a bit daunting as updating themes and plugins occasionally cause things to stop working. We only use the best premium (paid for) plugins which guarantees a working website 98% of the time. Let us take care of the 2% and take away all your worries. 

Logo design

We like clean simple logo designs that stand out and we design all logos to enable use on social media profile pages, business cards, letterheads and of course your new website. 

Business cards & other printed media

VPS Hosting

We host all our websites and applications in docker containers on various servers across the world. Some applications are hosted on dedicated hardware whilst others are running on virtual machines in containerised environments. We don’t offer user access panels because everything we do is as little bloated as possible to ensure optimal performance out of the hardware resources we utilise.

Graphic design


the team

Dotjuice design was formed in 2000 and although we’ve been flying under the radar and doing various design work in a personal capacity over the years, we’ve come to realise that many hands makes for lighter work! We are a small team of talented artists, copywriters, web design and developers, and are confident that we can add real value to your business in terms of branding, logo and web design or even just doing copywriting to a very high standard. 

We don’t have fancy offices with large overheads, therefor our clients massively benefit from quality design without the price tag that goes with it. We do however invest a lot into developer software licences and reseller licences for our favourite plugins which makes tasks like optimising for speed quite cheap and easy because you as a WordPress website owner won’t have to pay for expensive licences. 

Johan Web + Graphic Design + Linux
Chrisna Graphic + Digital art
Victor Copyright, Design



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