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If you’re seeking a professional website builder to create a customised CMS website, you’ve come to the right place. With years of experience as a freelance web designer, I’m confident that I can deliver a bespoke website that caters to your unique needs.
I prioritize professional website design and top-notch CMS development, which is why I always use the latest industry-leading technologies to ensure your website is fast, secure, and optimized for search engines. As a testament to my commitment to excellence, I never use cheap or free WordPress themes and plugins, giving you exceptional page speed results and top-notch SEO performance.
My personalized approach means I take into account your specific goals and preferences, guaranteeing that your web design is a true reflection of your brand and offers your visitors the best possible user experience.
Don’t settle for mediocre web design. Contact me today to learn more about my professional website design services and discover how I can help elevate your online presence.

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How I approach website design projects

website design process

Experience a professional and methodical approach to your web design project. As a website designer and CMS website developer, I take great care in guiding you through a proven step-by-step process to ensure efficient development while staying within your budget guidelines. At DOTJUICE, I use unique frameworks tailored to your needs, rather than relying on clunky pre-built themes for WordPress. You can trust me to deliver a bespoke and high-quality website that will exceed all your expectations.

1. Consultation

In this phase, we'll ask loads of questions to understand your brand and business. We'll talk about colours and website functionality.

2. Wireframing

This step isn't always necessary but is useful in some cases when specialist page layouts are required.

3. Design

At this point, your website front end is being designed. Complex application functions might not all work at this stage.

4. Develop

In most cases, this happens alongside the design process, but in some cases further programming might be required.

5. Content creation

At this point, your website should be mostly finished and needs to be populated with the correct copy and content.

6. Testing

We test your website speed and optimize any settings to ensure it looks and performs well.

website cost considerations

Use our project planner to help you prepare a brief and develop an idea of the costs involved in getting a website.


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